Welcome to my world! I am a perpetual student, gainfully employed, fully aware of all the opportunities I have squandered and those I plan to grab as they fly past. I am a history junkie living in the Washington, DC area.

I am always making plans for my next history fix – the more offbeat the better.

Have you ever visited the Bunny Man Bridge hoping for a sighting? Would you sit for hours on the lawn of a Civil War mansion waiting for the Lady in White? Can you sneak away from your family to view Revolutionary War blood stains that refuse to be washed from church steps? Do you want to walk the steps Father Karras threw himself down in the Exorcist? Pack up a picnic lunch and eat on the burial grounds of Stonewall Jackson’s amputated arm? That and much more can be found here.

I’ve earned the right to chronicle my adventures, spout my opinions and embarrass my children. So sit back, enjoy my rambling, short stories and projects while you make a comment or three on my posts. I love to debate and while no subject is taboo, I reserve the right to delete comments if they offend my good taste. Notice I said my good taste – not yours. My circus, my monkeys.